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LiberatedIT On-line Assessment Portal has multiple question types. In this module admin would upload multiple types of questions like subjective questions, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks questions, match the following questions, missing word questions, image based questions. From above question types admin would select these question types from drop down menu while uploading the questions. Online Assessment Portal's question types is so easy to upload multiple questions at a time by using excel template.

Online Assessment process is one of the key areas of education administration. Define Online Objective and Subjective Questions to manage your Online Examination Process. Question Bank Management forms essential and core aspect of online examination process. Preparing the question papers is a repetitive and time consuming process. Online examinations or Computer Based Exams are exams conducted through the web for remote candidate.

Objective Questions

You can define objective questions with multiple choices. Useful to define questions for fill in the blanks, true/false type of questions

Subjective Questions

Useful to define questions where user need to type answers for theory based questions.

Image Based Questions

1. Some Graph and Question is based on the Graph

2. Some complex Chemical Equation/ Mathematical Symbols

 3. Puzzle

Bulk Upload using Excel Template Assessment Portal platform has facility to upload questions in bulk using excel template.