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Question bank management

Online Assessment is an essential part of digital world. If you want to organise any online assessment portal then we have to create question bank for this process. In this article we  describe briefly how does LiberatedIT ONLINE ASSESSMENT PORTAL work. Question Bank Management forms essential and core aspect of online examination process. Extensive and detailed question bank classification can provide better evaluation of the student during online exam.

                           Subject > Topic > question type > difficulty level > question image > marks per question > multi language support

Brief description: 

Subject :

Name of the Subject forms top level attribute of any question. Subject name can be top level grouping of the question bank like English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc.

Topic :

This is second level attribute of question. One subject can have multiple Topics associated with it. One topic can have multiple questions. 

Question Type:

Question type is useful attribute to define question. Examiner can define question types like Fill in the Blanks, Subjective Question, Matching Question, Multiple Choice  Question etc. 

Marks for Question

Each question can have marks associated with it which can be used during examination pattern setting. E.g. Admin can define to have 10 questions of 1 marks each, 5 questions of 2 marks each and 4 questions of 4 marks each

Question Image

Question can have image or diagram or graphics to be displayed as part of the question. There is feild to upload image as part of the question.

Multi Language Support

Online assessment portal has a facility to define the exams in multi language.

Difficulty Level

In admin panel there is a three fields to define question level like easy, difficult and hard.