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India is shifting for the Online Examination process for various academic, competitive and recruitment related exams.  Online Assessment Portal is the purpose of this page is to promote the design and administration of online exams that inhibit cheating and prevent the unauthorized. Technology has got answer for such question. liberatedIT helps you to handle this critical aspect of security during online and offline examination process. When applicant/student is going to appear for the exam from remote location (i.e. Cyber Cafe Center etc) identity of the applicant is captured automatically by the web camera installed on the system. Images of the applicant are captured in random mode throughout the process of exam time. Such randomly captured images are compared with standard identity image of the applicant.


  1. Use remote proctor technologies for Online Assessment Portal
    1. Proctorio iis unique features of Online Assessment Portalis, an automated online proctor tool integrated into Moodle and Canvas quizzes that uses students' webcams and microphones to monitor their activity and look for suspicious behavior.
    2. Geo Tagging provides a live online geo tracker service that replicates the traditional proctoring experience. Admin can track the students throughout the assessment.
    3. Screen

After beginning of exam, exam screen will be automatic freezed.